1. The one thing we have in common is that we found ways to enjoy the language-learning ____________.

2. That is how polyglots learn languages, and the best news is, it's ____________ to anyone.

3. If you want to ____________ fluency in a foreign language, you need to apply three principles.

4. You can talk to yourself in the comfort of your room, describing your plans for the weekend, how your day has been, or even take a ____________ picture from your phone and describe the picture to your imaginary friend.

5. What ____________ polyglots to learn languages so much faster than other people?

6. It's ____________ possible to make a visible improvement in two months, if you learn in small chunks every day in a way that you enjoy.

7. And there is nothing that ____________ us more than our own success.

8. I asked a hundred different polyglots, I heard a hundred different ____________ to learning languages.

9. Everybody seems to have a ____________ way they learn a language, and yet we all come to the same result of speaking several languages fluently.

10. Meeting other polyglots helped me realize that it is really ____________ to find enjoyment in the process of learning languages.

11. So this is the whole polyglot secret. Find effective ____________ which you can use systematically over the period of some time in a way which you enjoy, and this is how polyglots learn languages within months, not years.