ESL Video User Guide

ESL Video User Guide Step-by-step tutorials showcasing how to use our website's features, tools, and services.

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Create a Quiz

Watch how you can use the AI-powered quiz generator to create multiple-choice and gap-fill quizzes based on YouTube videos, for free.

Create a Gap-Fill Quiz

Watch this double-click on the Gap-fill quiz generator. Check it out!

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Lalabot checks your English

Watch how, after your conversation, you can click the 'Chat' button, and Lalabot will check your English and highlight any necessary corrections.

Talk with Qbot on Quiz Pages

Watch how students can use their teacher-provided Class Code and Chattypass to access chattybots.

Set up a Class Code & Chattypass

For teachers: watch how to set up a Class Code and Chattypass for your students to use as an "all access pass."

Create a Chattybot

This video shows how to make an Ask & Answer chattybot with class-generated questions.

Export quizzes to Canvas

Watch how to export a quiz from and then import it into Canvas as course content.