Flexible Working Arrangements

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Description: Flexibility at work
High Intermediate
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What famous company is mentioned at the beginning?
What do they want?
What does Eire Insurance allow its employees to do?
How long has Mrs Dutton worked for Eire Insurance?
She says that working from home...
A compressed week means that employees...
Flextime means that an employee...
Because of flexibility, Mrs Dutton sometimes...
According to Mrs Dutton, flexible working arrangements mean that...
How many employees work flexibly at Eire Insurance?
…in our community.
Yahoo is making headlines after its recent decision to not allow employees to work from home anymore.
Right here EIRE one of the area’s biggest employers does allow its workers to do their jobs from home. Elizabeth D’Aurora joins us now in the studio with more on their story. Elizabeth?
John, Eire insurance offers a program where employees can work from home. There are several employees who do take advantage of the program.
Eire Insurance employee Julia Dutton has been working at the company for fifteen years. Two years ago she started working in claims at one of the area’s largest employers. She was given the option to start working from home in December of 2012.
When you take that opportunity, if you find that it suits you, if you’re productive, if you don’t need that social outlet.
Vice-president of Human Resources at Eire Insurance says the company has a flexible work arrangement program.
It could mean a compressed work week, which means someone may work four days as opposed to five days. It also could mean flextime, so that means you may come in early and you can leave early. And it could mean working from home.
Julia says she can only think of one downside (?) sometimes she puts in too many hours but she loves the flexibility.
My core hours are noon to five. I flex the rest of my time. So if I wanted to work till 8 o’clock at night, I could do that one day, if I want to start at 8 in the morning, I can do that too.
Eire Insurance has 4500 employees in 11 states. In Washington DC several of them take advantage of the company’s program.
About a quarter of our workforce take advantage of the flexible work arrangements. The other good thing about the flexible work arrangements, it doesn’t mean, er, forever. It could mean, you know, for any given week or for a particular situation.
It’s a perfect scenario for Dutton to work from her Mill Creek home.
Your productivity skyrockets because you’re focused and you’re happy and you’re relaxed and you get to do what you want to do in an environment that’s comfortable to you.
And despite Yahoo’s recent announcement forbidding employees from working at home, Oakley says she doesn’t see that in Eire Insurance’s future. Jill?
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